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About us

Who We Are

Monkey Unite was found by a diverse team of design, project development, printing house who enthusiastic in creating high-quality products with one-stop service in various aspects of production, including innovative paper printing & packaging, gift & premium, displays, visual merchandising, prototyping etc.


We passionate in creating high-quality products and dare to challenge in brand new idea. For printing service, our team have over 30 years printing experience that capable of accomplishing any of your printing projects, such as we can help to customize the dot gain and color retouching for particular request. We are able to do both AM & FM screening thus artists, hotels, watches & jewellery clients are also satisfied with the outcome of super high definition and fine details printed product.



We aim to bring your brand to a new height level through infusing digital to physical product with innovative ideas in this internet era. We are not just to meet with expectation, but exceed them.

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